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In the 20th century, we lived where we had to work.

In the 21st century, we will work where we want to live.

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Bluebook Cities is a full-stack city builder. We partner with communities to develop beautiful, energetic, resident-owned cities.


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Together, we can grow your technology, entertainment, finance industries, create skill-building opportunities for ambitious citizens, and attract the top talent in the world.

If you represent a government and are interested in beginning a dialogue with Bluebook Cities, please reach out.

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Local COmmunities

Local Communities

We partner with local communities from day one. We are excited to empower local communities by creating high-paying jobs, land value appreciation, and offering world-class educational opportunities. Locals share in the upside as our cities flourish.

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The most talented young people in the world want to live in our cities. Partner with us to open an office or industrial space and get access to global talent.

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Company News

Investment - Pronomos Capital
“Peter Thiel, Marc Andreessen and Bitcoin investor Roger Ver [invested] in Pronomos in 2019, a venture capital fund dedicated to building the next charter city. Pronomos is backing Bluebook Cities…”
Investment - Byrne Hobart
“I’m very happy to say that I’ve actually put some money where my mouth is and invested in an early round for Bluebook Cities, a new charter city operator that will bring Shenzhen-as-a-Service to countries around the world.”
Grant - Emergent Ventures
“Emergent Ventures winners, seventh cohort: [...] Dryden Brown, to help build institutions [...] through his company Bluebook Cities.”

Our Team

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We are hiring the most ambitious, creative, and energetic people in the world. If you want to build the future of cities with us, get in touch.

Dryden Brown

Co-Founder and CEO

Prior to founding Bluebook Cities in 2019, he covered consumer and technology at an NYC-based hedge fund. He is an Emergent Ventures winner. Before finance, he was a sponsored surfer and studied philosophy.

Charlie Callinan

Co-Founder and Head of Operations

Prior to founding Bluebook Cities in 2019, he covered consumer at a NYC-based hedge fund. He began his career with a brief stint on the NFL's Buffalo Bills.