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So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal
00. Mission
We are building a new city for Praxis, a society realizing a shared vision for the future.
01. Story

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In 2020, our society is divided. Technological advance has stalled. We’ve lost coherence and dynamism.

People born in the early 20th century saw the arrival of airplanes, telephones, cars, televisions, computers, and spacecraft. They expected continued progress. But somewhere along the line, reality went off-road. Man last stepped on the moon 48 years ago. The sci-fi futures our ancestors envisioned look as far in the future today as they did then.

Most think 2020 will be remembered for its chaos: plans derailed, businesses shuttered, windows shattered, and sidelong glances at masked neighbors. But chaos brings clarity.

We have lost the future because we’ve lost our common cause. If we can return to a society based on shared values, we can converge on a vision for the future. If we share a vision for the future, we may be able to build it.

Today, we must build the future our values demand.

Most dread aging; we seek eternal life. Most gaze passively at the stars; we design the machinery of exploration. Most hope purpose finds them; we live with purpose every day.

We are proud to announce Praxis: a new society that supports ambitious founders, creators, and pioneers in discovering and executing on their life’s work, while working together towards a shared vision for the future.

2020 won't just be remembered for its dark moments. With courage, vision, and faith in the frontier, we can ensure that 2020 is remembered as a turning point:

The inception of a new golden age.

02. Praxis
It is our purpose to build a Herofuturist
world and realize humanity’s destiny:

Infinite Reach

Eternal Life

Transcendent Purpose




Praxis is a society of founders, engineers, artists, researchers, and young aspirants building towards a shared vision for the future through the pursuit of heroic projects.

Heroic Projects

Heroic projects are bold ventures focused on physical and symbolic immortality (“eternal memory in the minds of men”), both at the scale of the individual and civilization.

Heroic Projects may include longevity science, spacecraft development, transformative software, art, crypto, statecraft, and new cities.

Paths to Immortality:

Praxis Members support each other’s projects and coordinate to build the future we envision. We come together for collaborative projects and events.

Collaborative Projects

Find your Heroic Project in
Praxis Brain

Members are building Praxis Brain: a knowledge graph offering the intellectual scaffolding needed to build the future. Brain is organized into Domains, such as Statecraft, Healthcare, and Crypto.

Contributing to Brain gives you a research framework for finding your heroic project, and the opportunity to leverage your intelligence and curiosity to develop knowledge that will help fellow Members find their life's work.


Connect, Learn, and Build at
Praxis Events

Units: Discuss your heroic project for an hour every week with your 8-Member Unit. Members rotate into a new Unit every 4 weeks.

Domains: Explore spaces such as Robotics, Agriculture, and Space Travel with curious experts mapping the adjacent possible.

All-Hands: We come together once a month to showcase Member's achievements, refine our futurist vision, and celebrate progress on Collaborative Projects.

Adventures, retreats, dinners, guest speakers.


Until now, Praxis has been invitation-only. We are excited to open applications so that you can take your hero’s journey with us.

If you have the will to build the future, we invite you to apply to Praxis.


Submit an application to inquire about dues. Full and partial scholarships are available — no accepted applications will be turned away for lack of financial resources.

Annual, Decade, and Century* Plans available.

*Transferable to descendants
03. City

City from the


Shared values no longer bind cities. Cities are simply labor markets. Loneliness is malignant. People move to cities for jobs, and hope to find belonging online.

Today, we have an opportunity to reimagine cities. Software engineers built the infrastructure to support the migration of the knowledge economy from the office to the cloud. A virus catalyzed this migration. Now we can live and work wherever we choose, with whoever we choose.

With an abundance of choice, we choose to leave the metropole. We choose to build a startup society with those who share our values. Ancient Athens had 300,000 residents. Renaissance Florence had 80,000. Countless forgotten cities were far larger. The greatness of a city has little to do with its population, and everything to do with its populace.

The internet brings people together around shared passions in digital cities. Now, we can use the internet to bring people together in a city made of atoms. With 2020 technology, we can build a city around shared values with talent and vitality exceeding that of Ancient Athens or Renaissance Florence.

Building a new city from scratch is an opportunity for radical first principles thinking. Modern transportation. Modular construction. Innovative governance. Decentralized currency. Default healthy food, default exercise in nature, default human interaction, and default ownership — the next Apple might be a city; Manhattan’s land is worth more than Amazon.

Tomorrow’s cities will be organized around the warmth of the tribe and the growth propelled by a unified vision for the future. We envision human potential unleashed, an aggregation of talent never before seen, enabled by the global reach of the internet.

We are building the city Silicon Valley deserves.

Master Plan
Build a city in the cloud populated by amazing people working towards a shared vision for the future
Partner with a thoughtful government to build a new city
Grow the city and build the future humanity deserves, together
04. Governments and Communities

Slice of Silicon

We are in conversation with numerous interested governments about partnering to develop the city, but we are always open to new possibilities. Together, we can grow your technology and financial sectors, create skill-building opportunities for ambitious local people, and attract the top technology talent in the world.

If you represent a government and are interested in beginning a dialogue with Bluebook Cities, please reach out.

Government Inquiries
*All inquiries are strictly confidential

Empowering Local Communities

We are committed to partnering with local communities from Day 1. We are excited to empower local communities by creating high-paying jobs, causing land value appreciation, and offering new educational opportunities. We strive to ensure that locals share in the upside as the city grows in value.

06. Media


Investment - Pronomos Capital

“Peter Thiel, Marc Andreessen and Bitcoin investor Roger Ver [invested] in Pronomos in 2019, a venture capital fund dedicated to building the next charter city. Pronomos is backing Bluebook Cities…”

Grant - Emergent Ventures

“Emergent Ventures winners, seventh cohort: [...] Dryden Brown, to help build institutions [...] through his company Bluebook Cities.”

Investment - Byrne Hobart

“I’m very happy to say that I’ve actually put some money where my mouth is and invested in an early round for Bluebook Cities, a new charter city operator that will bring Shenzhen-as-a-Service to countries around the world.”

07. Team

Join Us

We founded Bluebook Cities to help build a new society focused on a shared vision for the future. We are looking to hire the most ambitious, creative, and focused people in the world. If you want to build the future with us, get in touch.

Dryden Brown

Co-Founder and CEO

Prior to founding Bluebook Cities in 2019, he covered consumer and technology at an NYC-based hedge fund. He is an Emergent Ventures winner. Before finance, he was a sponsored surfer and studied philosophy.

Charlie Callinan

Co-Founder and Head of Operations

Prior to founding Bluebook Cities in 2019, he covered consumer at a NYC-based hedge fund. He began his career with a brief stint on the NFL's Buffalo Bills.